Don’t get banned; Chaturbate’s rules

July 15, 2016 | Updated January 11, 2017

Many users and broadcasters get banned by Chaturbate everyday. A banning is usually permanent, except for when it is for age verification (that for which the ban can still be permanent). Some models don’t read the rules before signing up; others just ignore them. But in the end, Chaturbate always wins, and those models lose when they get caught violating the rules. These are not the official Chaturbate rules, but are some of the main rules that people get banned for violating:

1. NO DIRTY SHOWS. Do not do dirty shows like poo or vomit, even in private! Peeing might be allowed in some cases, especially if it relates to squirting. Be careful with anal shows too; do not do dirty shows!

2. NO ALCOHOL OR DRUG. Do not get intoxicated or pretend to get intoxicated on live cam. Do not do drug on live cam. Do not consume or pretend to consume alcohol on live cam.

3. NO UNDERAGE BROADCASTS: If you look underage and get reported for it, or someone else in your broadcast appears underage, you may be banned. You will then need to submit or resubmit age-verification documents. After that, you might be allowed to broadcast again. But in some cases, your ban may be permanent.

4. NO ANIMAL SEXUAL PORTRAYAL: No bestiality. Do not portray any animal in any sexual or sexual fetishist manner in your broadcast. You would be banned for that.

5. NO CHEATING: Chaturbate is against scams and frauds. If you promise a show to your viewers, you must fulfill your promise. Taking users’ tokens and then failing to fulfill your promise to them will get you permanently banned. Do not get involved in credit card frauds. You should be alarmed if you receive an unusually big amount of tokens from one user at a given time; you should report that to Chaturbate immediately otherwise you could get permanently banned along with your tipper. Sometimes, big money is a sign that hell is ahead. Do not ask for offline money.

6. NO SPAMMING: Spamming will get you banned.

7. DO NOT VIOLATE CHATURBATE’S DRESS CODE: The dress code forbids you from wearing military or police uniforms on live broadcasts. You should not dress in certain religious ways either, such as wearing Islamic attire on live cam. These will get you banned.

8. NO HARASSMENT OR HATE SPEECH: Do not harass anyone. Do not incite violence against anyone or any racial group or religious group.

9. NO BROADCASTS IN PUBLIC PLACES: If you put Chaturbate in a possible position where the site may have to respond to privacy complaints from other people in your live broadcast, then you have to provide proof that those people gave you the consent to include them on your live cam, otherwise you will be banned.

10. NO INCEST OR PRETENSE OF INCEST : This is very clear. No incest shows, acting or real.

Adhering to the rules will help make everyone’s experience better, and will help make Chaturbate a fun and safe place for everyone. This will also decrease the chances of you getting permanently banned by Chaturbate.

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35 comments on “Don’t get banned; Chaturbate’s rules

  1. Bssb

    Im banned, for no reason. I was just camming and was naked, nothing special. And all of a sudden I was banned. I did nothing against the rules. How do I get unbanned? I dont wat to get mu account verifiied, I just want to cam, and watch cams.

  2. siswet19


    I’m siswet19 and i am banned on Chaturbate AGAIN… and i never break 1 of those rules, the day before Yesterday i was also banned and their reason was: someone (i think a jealous model) reported me, and said i asked for offline payments. But i never ever do things like that! I dont need offline payments and why should i?? i dont care about that…

    I am innocent and i feel like i am threated like shit by Chaturbate support… i don’t understand it and i never do something wrong, and i always get banned… (i’ve been banned to many times because of something i couldnt do anything about or for something i just didnt do or didnt know… but why no warning or something first, no i always get banned immideatly) I’m one of the harders working models on their website and have over 500.000 followers on Chaturbate (second most followers)….

    I have the strong feeling jealous models are reporting me all the time for things i dont do to get me banned on Chaturbate…

    I don’t know what to do, I’m helpless.. i already sended a few e-mails to them but don’t get any response back yet.. takes so long πŸ™

    Regards, siswet19

    1. Jakenapp

      Hey siswet19 I know what you going through. Even I work my ass off and I’ve been banned many times too. Mostly for the reasons unknown. I even had a live broadcast interview with CBsupport they lifted the ban but I’m banned again. I earn a lot of tokens in Asia region. Please help me too. I’ve contacted Shirley but no reply yet. πŸ™

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      Getting banned from a room is different. It means the model does not like you. You probably made them angry. There is no way to get them to unban you, unless you have their other contact info.

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