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Chaturbate Model Rating

Chaturbate model rating is the rating score of a cam girl or cam guy, from a sum of votes made by the viewers. Only users who have tipped a model at least 25 tokens in the last twenty-four hours can rate that model within those twenty-four hours.
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How to Be a Moderator on Chaturbate

Moderators are assigned by broadcasters.

The purposes of a moderator on Chaturbate:

  1. Moderators help make the chat room a friendlier place by silencing troublemakers and thanking viewers who tip the broadcaster.
  2. Moderators usually announce the broadcaster’s sexy goal of the day, urging the viewers to tip.
  3. The presence of a moderator in a chat room gives viewers an incentive to behave well.
  4. The moderators answer some questions asked by the viewers if the broadcaster gets those questions frequently and no longer wishes to answer them because they make the room topic change.
  5. When the broadcaster doesn’t wish to seem like a “token whore”, he or she can let the moderator urge viewers to tip.

How to be a moderator

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