About us

Name: Matt and Jane
Ethnicity: Americans
Country: United States United States flag
Race: Americans
Age: Prefer not to say
Occupation: Camwhore businesses, Founders of this blog
Website: www.chaturbatemodelblog.com
Nationality: Bay Stater (Massachusetts, United States), Californian (California, United States)
Favorite song:

Favorite adult cam site: Chaturbate, obviously

About me:
My name is Matt, and my girlfriend is Jane, and we are addicted to Chaturbate, the best sex chat service we have seen so far. We write this blog together.

Why we do this: After being Chaturbate broadcasters for a while, we started receiving questions from other broadcasters about how they can be as successful as we are. We also received questions from regular viewers. Thus, we decided to create this blog, to help answer all your questions, and also because many models will ban you from their chat rooms if you ask them such questions.

What is our Chaturbate username? We often post sensitive topics such as exposing users and models whom have been reported as scammers by many people. We write positive things about good models and negative things about fraudulent and dangerous users and models, thus warning others to be alert in order to avoid being victims of cyber crimes. All of these efforts can only be more easily achieved while being as anonymous as possible. In addition to good readers, some of the criminals also read our blog, so telling them who we are by providing our Chaturbate username here is not quite a smart idea.

Only some top models know us. If you want to know our Chaturbate profiles, you must have at least 200000 (two hundred thousand) followers, be age-verified on Chaturbate, enter the temporary text “cbmb555” on your profile bio for verification, reveal your Chaturbate rating score (temporarily), and contact us. We will give you an agreement to sign to keep it all secret. We may still refuse to tell you who we are depending on your reputation.

Not only Matt and Jane. We often present Chaturbate news and gossips to you, with the help of our model stalkers and our best friends who also broadcast on Chaturbate but want to remain anonymous here. We all hang out together in real life once or twice every month in New York, playing games, eating, making jokes, playing football (soccer), swimming, and watching Chaturbate cams together on a giant screen, whenever my girlfriend (Jane) and I (Matt) are not broadcasting.

We have two goals:
Helping proud camwhores succeed, and helping proud horny folks find the hottest cams to watch.
We hope you enjoy our website!

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