Cam girl Blazefyre is back!

August 5, 2016

Blazefyre, one of the early models of Chaturbate, is back after 4 weeks of absence. She is among the models who made Chaturbate strong, before the OhMiBod scammers arrived. After scammers actually got morons to tip them, overshadowing the actual meaning of Chaturbate, Blazefyre and some other awesome models left Chaturbate for a while. Some had hopes that the scam would decrease or end soon after, but while it is decreasing, more models are still switching to relying on that boring gadget.

As we track the trend of OhMiBod, we realize that more people who rely on this gadget are either closing their Chaturbate accounts soon or later or they’re getting banned for blatantly over-cheating the users via some other means.

For example, out of forty models whom we noticed closed their Chaturbate accounts last week, 38 were OhMiBod scammers.

Out of 7 models whom we noticed being banned by Chaturbate a few days ago, 5 were OhMiBod scammers.

The top models who use OhMiBod are very less likely to discontinue it. Those are powered by new, foolish moronic users who tip them thinking the reactions were actually due to any vibrations. In fact, there are top scammers who are so lazy that they don’t even react to the OhMiBod toy anymore. They just sit there receiving the tokens from the buffoons. Some just sit in front of the camera fully clothed, and claiming to have the toy enabled when it is not even in the house! This is so funny I no longer pity the idiotic tippers. The top scammers are not quitting, unfortunately; they will keep on scamming until they’re banned for extreme scamming or other overreaching reasons. We keep an eye on them and will post about some of them whenever each is banned.

Anyways, Blazefyre took a break due to those scammers, we presume. And now she’s back, Chaturbating like a boss, proving to those losers that one can make it without being a lazy bloody scammer!

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18 comments on “Cam girl Blazefyre is back!

  1. A winner

    I dont even get what the complaint is, youre bitter about a feature that you dont even tip for. Then leave the Fing room and go else where. Its always the free loaders who have the most to say.

  2. don't believe what you see, it's all an act.

    hi, i am a camgirl on chaturbate and i wanted to give my honest review about the ohmibod. It was gifted to me by a regular that comes to my room, i have been wanting to try the ohmibod just to see what the big hype was about and to see if the vibrations actually were strong enough to cause these ridiculous convulsions. And believe me when i say is 100% all fake and acted it. It comes with a hand held remote u or a partner can control levels by THAT on the other hand does work strong on the HIGHEST setting. Now when i used it for tokens, and reaction to sound/ is a huge let down. Not only did it constantly go off to my music and voice super low, it responded to the tips with low vibrations as well. I forgot i was even wearing the thing in my panties after a few minutes. 100% SCAM. i used it for one day on cam and havent used it since, because i have a good heart and i refuse to be like the other models that are greedy for tokens, i guess they just cant help themselves, they want money and sadly the ohmibod is the only way they can make easy tokens. It’s just very sad to me that so many woman have to lie and be fake to good paying members. But it’s the stupidity of the men as well to even believe this thing can cause actual orgasms and convulsions. I am probably the only normal cam girl to even come out and say this because unlike the rest, i hate lieing and being fake on cam. I do just fine without the thing, and im so glad i finally seen it for myself to know for sure now it is indeed so fake. Don’t give in to the scammer models, unless of course u get off on that sort of thing regardless if it’s acted or not. Thanks for reading my review!

  3. jerxt1

    Theres alot more models besides blaze that hate the ohmibod and refuse to use one. Props to them but they are becoming few and far in between. Lazy ohmibod models suck

  4. Fullwetwillynelson

    The guy has alegit gripe, and cam models shouldnt be immune to critisism. Plus have you seen how bad the servers have been since that toy took off- i think theres a direct connection between the ohmibod and our beloved random disconnections.

  5. StudioX15

    What an arrogant SOB this site owner is. Get your head out of your asses

    Chaturbate is a shitty site , with useless support pathetic rules etc
    keep defending them

  6. lorena

    Hello I need urgent help because I think it’s unfair I first bannean my account I wrote in the room: can u make me squirt with mom behin to me “and there are always models that place” mom here or shh daddy in home etc “ok I understand I can not use the breast word or anything about work couple with a woman I met in a study and which hahora shared apartment is called ESPERANZA CORREA do not see downside to that now that the lady has a name equal to mine you say it is my mom and it is not, but I understand if that is the problem you tell us to work apart also worked with my boyfriend a few times and also registered, not sii there any member or other model who wants to annoy me and pass it reportandome understood is envy but you why not before acting checked me are leaving work simply on suspicion so I ask you a favor because we have clarified all me back my account lorenasex1x and if the problem is Mrs. clever she work independently but does not seem fair few people have the same surname and not necessarily have to be family … I dirigo to you that I have not finished all with whom I talk more options that if I ask a favor to check walk before closing all accounts suspected spero prompt response and my account lorenasex1x again thanks and sorry for the trouble

  7. Stellabystarlight

    The OP seems to be blissfully blind to the fact that paying customers of this site actually like the ohmibod and PAY for its use. How can it be a scam when users repeatedly pay handsomely to ensure its continued use?

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      Users who know it’s fake don’t pay for it. The ones who pay for it actually believe that it works or is used as claimed. They’re usually either naive or new.

      1. Stellabystarlight

        Focus on your own stuff and stop trying to waste so much energy mocking others and dictating what models should do. It’s none of your business and you’ve been doing this shit for a year, it’s so patronizing. Models deserve to make money the way that is best for them, it’s difficult being a camgirl and they should be able to do exactly what they want, as long as it’s not agains the sites rules. Seriously, someone needs to tell this to you because you’re obnoxious as hell and won’t shut up.

        1. Stellabystarlight

          Sorry it’s just we camgirls try our hardest and sometimes this is the only way we can make it, by using this toy. It’s our financial lifeline for some of us and I don’t think you should knock us down for it 🙁

          1. Anonymous

            I agree this guy has nothing better to do than talk crap about cam models to probably boost his ego a bit. Perhaps some cam models like this toy and use it for pleasure not for scamming men like he thinks they do.

        2. Matt and Jane Post author

          We have the right to support or oppose whatever we want. We oppose scammers. You, admitting to be one of the fraudsters, are the one who should consider shutting up.

  8. Alicia

    Is this article actually about blazefyre, or a moronic rant against a successful money making strategy that models use because it actually works?

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