Cam girl Fit_Girl111 gets banned

May 22, 2016
The beautiful European cam girl known as “Fit_Girl111” aka Anna, has been banned by Chaturbate, we discovered some days ago. Although she heavily relied on the boring gadget known as OhMiBod for tokens, her broadcasts were enjoyable if you were her friend.

According to one of her former viewers, she was a super trickster. Not only did she abuse OhMiBod for tokens, “She set her private show price to the lowest price of 6 tokens per minute just to get views,” said one of her viewers. This user continued: “Then, if you ask to enter private shows, she would tell you ‘No privates!’ even though you found her from the page where she listed her private show status as ‘open for privates’ and price as 6 tokens per minute.”

“She would then tell you to tip 1000 tokens if you want to go private,” said the viewer.

We had an opportunity to interview another former viewer, who said, “She treated me like a close friend. She wouldn’t have a private show with anyone else except me and a few other guys she considered her friends, although she had to change the price to 60 (sixty) tokens per minute for us. All others she told ‘No privates!’ even though she clearly had private shows enabled and listed for six tokens per minute.”

The viewer continued, “I guess she set the lowest price so that a lot of people come to view her cam, thinking they can go private with such a hot model for only six tokens per minute. But then they got disappointed to find out it was kind of a trick. This made the majority of her chat to be something like ‘No privates’ and ‘Why?!’ and ‘Just no privates!’ ”

Another former viewer said, “I suspect the reason she was banned is because she banned her friend. There was a guy whose username started with Tito. This guy named Tito used to be one of her friends until she banned him for calling her a cheap whore. I think that was when Tito reported her to Chaturbate for cheating with private show prices and other things.”

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9 comments on “Cam girl Fit_Girl111 gets banned

  1. youtubed

    I model youtubed. Worked 1 year without any problems, love this site. But, suddenly, you guessed it, I look young, apparently this is my sin nature, I’m 19 years old, I had 190,000 followers every day and $ 350-500 so throughout the year. Like a year of work, I became younger and the administration has decided to block me. Already half a year I can not unlock my account, I was ignored, I do not know where to look site. Anyone who has encountered this problem support you, all is well, I hope the Administration will review its methods of age verification and unlocks honest

  2. StudioX15

    This is typical of the stupid nonsense and false bannings that go on at chaturbate
    I don’t understand why this blog hasn’t investigated why their support ignores members and models
    and bans for false reasons

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      We have investigated many bannings and found out that most were deserved.
      It’s only a few that are beyond the model’s control, such as looking too young even though the models are old enough. However, this often happens to non-American-based models, which results from a case whereby it is much more difficult to catch forged “foreign” I.D. documents than it is to do so for U.S models.

      Under certain circumstances, Chaturbate has been able to successfully re-verify falsely underage-reported models, and thus unbanned them. But in the cases where it is virtually impossible to re-verifiy, particularly if the model is based outside the U.S., Chaturbate would have no choice but to keep its brand name legal and clean from suspicions by not letting the accused model participate.

      In other cases, especially when it comes to fraud, Chaturbate has been able to reconsider the situation and unban the falsely-suspected models. But since Chaturbate takes fraud very seriously, it will never unban accounts that are actually found to be involved with fraud.

  3. anthony

    Let’s hope this comment doesn’t get deleted like my previous one which you deleted without any reason. I was one of her friends. I’m a foot fetishist I had a sexy private show with her just for her beautiful feet. Hottest feet I’ve ever seen.

  4. Veronica

    Ahahaha she deserved to be banned.. The bitch spammed my room like crazy! She tried to steal my viewers by posting “I’m horny” in my chatroom every fucking time!!

    1. JoeBlowithe

      I really don’t think she meant to or had to steal your viewers; she was always on fire and had plenty of followers/viewers! and always made lots of tips….Maybe it was you who reported her as too young? #Savagebitch

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