Cam girl Missfairy gets banned

June 22, 2016 | Updated July 27, 2016

Update– Missfairy was permanently prohibited from broadcasting, but she finally closed her entire Chaturbate account a few days ago.
Proof she was permanently banned– screenshot obtained from a temporary Google archive:

Previous story:
A hot petite cam girl known as Missfairy has been permanently banned by Chaturbate, we just confirmed. All bans on Chaturbate are usually permanent, but we put the emphasis on “permanent” here because sometimes a user is banned by mistake and later un-banned. Usually, a user may be un-banned after submitting required info, particularly if the user was banned for looking underage. But for the case of Missfairy, she has been permanently banned. This means the chances of her being un-banned is about 0%.

She had very lively shows, and occasionally received foot fetish requests for her gorgeous feet. Her appearance might remind you of Ariana Grande sometimes. Missfairy’s viewers almost never got bored of her. She knew how to present a watchable show, and how to respond to special requests. She was a top model on Chaturbate. She was a good example of how models should treat their viewers.

One of her former fans said, “This is shocking. It’s even more shocking for the fact that I have no way of contacting her. I can’t find her Twitter account. I don’t even know if she had one.” He continued: “There is a Twitter account with her name when I searched on Google, but when I click the Twitter account it says the page does not exist. Maybe she deleted everything with anger after she was banned by Chaturbate.”
Of course, people will keep on guessing why she was banned. But chances are, nobody will ever know, except Chaturbate, whose chances of releasing the info is about zero percent.

“This is just outrageous,” said another former viewer. “Chaturbate has banned more than half of the models I’m following. Something is really wrong either with the models or with the rules or with Chaturbate itself,” he added. He concluded that “Whatever is the problem needs to be solved as soon as possible, otherwise people would be scared to become models on Chaturbate.”

Missfairy had so many fans, and her fans will truly miss her. So we advise people to read Chaturbate’s rules completely before signing up as a model there.

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42 comments on “Cam girl Missfairy gets banned

  1. Mark

    I believe Miss Fairy stop broadcasting at least a month before she was banned. She claimed a former boyfriend extorted her for a big portion of her earnings and the taxman took the rest.

    She did say, she was taking a break from web caming to regroup and concentrate on school.

    Speculation, she got banned for soliciting funds while not being an active model

    As Jim says, it was sketchy.

    She will be missed, so hot and yet so nice.

  2. Jim

    There was a post in her profile before the ban regarding some personal issues with her boyfriend and stuff and she was asking for financial support until she would be able to stream or something. She was my favorite streamer but this was sad and kinda sketchy, the next time that i checked her profile there was the notification about the ban. I hope to come back because her absence is noticeable.

  3. Matt and Jane Post author

    Before you write that she left on her own, read this comment, because your comment will be removed:
    if you had a brain, wouldn’t you think that with her previous problems, that getting banned could make her give up entirely and just close her Twitter etc?
    Any future comments that say she was not banned even though we have the evidence, will be removed.

    She has literally removed the previously cached traces we had concerning her banning via Google. Thank goodness we took a screenshot of this final cache before she got it removed.

  4. Brad

    I find it hard to believe she was “banned” for something she did after knowing of her personal issues that she was very open about. If chaturbate banned her, then why did her twitter account get deleted as well? Don’t you think she would want to share this news with her twitter followers? Why wouldn’t she move to another camsite?

    I haven’t seen any answers here, only speculation.

    Unless this had something to do with serious legal issues (underage – which I doubt or other personal legal issues that are none of our business), I have to believe that the troubles that she has already made us aware of became too overwhelming and she felt that camming contributed to them – she mentioned that her school performance was being affected and we knew her family life was less than ideal. That would also explain why twitter got deleted – she needed to distance herself.

    (If you’re out there reading this, Fairy, I hope you are well – and we miss you)

      1. Brad

        “Could?” maybe but you’re just speculating as well. She didn’t seem sketchy to me, just put in bad circumstances and she chose to share some of them with us. Being “banned” could be the result of many different circumstances. It doesn’t give us a clue why.

        p.s. Your personal attacks on posters don’t enhance your credibility.

  5. Abductor

    That banned warning on the page is common and can be for a wide range of reasons from the account had too many failed log in attempts, to it was logged in to from two different locations at once, to CB felt sassy today.

    Missfairy has been out of CB for like a year for personal reasons. Do a simple google search and check the cam archive if you need confirmation. She hasn’t broadcast in a long while.

  6. Matt and Jane Post author

    Proof she was permanently banned:

    Original actual page temporarily archived by Google:

    There’s a comment saying Missfairy stopped broadcasting on her own. But actually, she was permanently prohibited from broadcasting, and she finally closed her entire account a few days ago. Hopefully the proof above is sufficient, as we no longer accept requests for more details. She was permanently prohibited from broadcasting, but she finally closed her entire account a few days ago.

    1. Lamont

      This makes me so mad. Missfairy was the greatest to me, she always had a warm smile on her face, and gave it her all when she performed. I love watching and interacting with her as did so many of her fans. CB made a mistake blocking her. If she every does cam on another site I will follow her. Missfairy if you reading this I just wanna say we MISS YOU and hope all is well.

      1. Matt and Jane Post author

        You contacted us privately asking for evidence of her banning. We have included part of the evidence of her permanent Chaturbate ban in our article.

        After a thoughtful reasoning, we have decided to no longer give more details on this. The details are not important (because it does not explain why she was banned), and there is no way to share it without violating her privacy.

        1. Lamont

          I understand fully, but thanks anyway, I didn`t know she was banned until I read you guys blog. You guys are great.

  7. woodeeey

    missfairy stopped camming for personal reasons and deleted her twitter account not long afterwards, she did set up a snap chat that she very occasionally snaps on just to keep people up to date with what she is up to. So i find it hard to believe fairy was banned? when she was not even camming any more . ho well

      1. Matt and Jane Post author

        That’s not a good update, as the room was actually banned the day we wrote the article. She was prohibited from broadcasting, but later on she closed her entire account a few days ago.

  8. Lamont

    I really enjoyed Missfairy shows, she has so much class and knew how to entertain her audience and kept you wanting more..Her beauty and personality brought viewers to watch her. Her shows were always fun to watch, she interacted very well. Missfairy to me was the best most desirable model on Chaturbate, it a sad thing that CB banned this lovely ANGEL. If anyone here’s anything more about her please post. I am one of her biggest and loyal fans.

  9. StudioX15

    This nonsense continues, I’m really surprised this site even bother to defend Chaturbates reputation.
    If she is Verified and her I.D i %100 valid then Chaturbate need to start ignoring any complaints about age
    Looking too young IS not a valid reason to ban a model using a legal verified i.d

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      I agree with you that looking underage shouldn’t automatically cause Chaturbate to ignore legitimate age verification documents. We are not defending Chaturbate, but if we see a comment that just says “Chaturbate is a scam,” then we have to do something about that, haha, because Chaturbate is not a scam!

  10. Cum play

    I had to literally beg to even find out why I’d been banned. Then I begged for a second chance and got one but I just took the lesson and learned the cb rules better… I realize they do back. For no reason though, so this is disappointing to see.

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